Material Used


The cement used in the manufacturing of PSC poles shall be any of the following
Portland slag cement conforming to IS 455 but not more than 50 percent slag connects.
43 grade ordinary Portland cement conforming to IS 8112
Rapid hardening Portland cements conforming to IS 8041.
53 grade ordinary Portland cement conforming to IS 12269.


Aggregates uses for the manufacturing of reinforced concrete poles shall confirm to IS where specified a sample of the aggregates shall be submitted by the manufacture to the purchaser for approval.

H.T Steel Wire ( IS2090)

The high tension steel shall be any of the following
Plain hard drawn wire conforming to either IS 1785 part or IS 1785.
Cold drawn indented wire conforming to IS 6003.

G.I wire

Plane zinc galvanized wire of 4mm of earthing.


Reinforcement wires shall conform to IS 432 (part 1) or IS 432 (Part 2) or IS 1786, as the case may be all reinforcement shall be loose free scale, rust and coats of paint, oil, grease, clay or other material that may have deterioration effect on the bond between the reinforcement and concrete.


The grade of the concrete shall not less than M40.